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My name is Marta Wiznerowicz-Banaszewska and I am the owner and designer of Place for Dress.

Privately, I am crazy about magic, rural life, two mongrels who chose me as their mother, and my beloved - with whom a few years ago I stood on the "wedding carpet"

And I was once a bride. Therefore, I perfectly understand how important a WEDDING DRESS is on this day. I know from experience that when a beautiful, unique and exceptional creation is already hanging in the wardrobe, and we know ourselves that we look like a million dollars in it - no wedding challenge is scary then!

Therefore, for almost 10 years I have been making women happy through DRESS.

Each of us is born with a different talent. Some people can make music, others find their calling in treating people ... and I was given a gift that allows me to bring out what is most beautiful in women, through appropriately selected clothes.

My mission is to make you feel BEAUTIFUL.

Let you look at yourselves with delight.

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